The History Project

The History Project is comprised of two components, a add-on for the Mozilla Firefox web browser and a searchable internet database. The Firefox add-on mines participants’ Internet browsing history and anonymously adds it to the Internet database. The database is intended to be a communal record of all participants’ internet travels and will be openly accessible through a search application programming interface, or API. Artists and programmers can then create their own software applications that can interpret and visualize the data and may expose trends or provide insights into how we use the internet.

User Profile is the first application to make use of The History Project. Inspired by the work of Hans Haacke, User Profile is a project that attempts to create a digital portrait of internet users based on their browsing history information. Each portrait will be a visual representation of the information supplied by each participant. The project will also generate a collective portrait of all project participants which will allow for comparisons to be drawn between individuals and the collective.

By making the browsing history that is continually donated by participants publicly available, the project aims to provide insights into how the internet functions as real-time information system.

There soon will be three ways in which you can become a participant:

  • Become browser history donor by downloading and installing The History Project add-on (Coming Soon)
  • Develop your own History Project application by plugging into the search API (Coming Soon)
  • Become a collaborator and have a hand in creating or shaping the algorithms and software that will be the backbone of the project

If you are at all interested please fill out this form.

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