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HUB, where did you go?

This is long overdue. Perhaps nobody has checked up on HUB in a long while and well, I don’t blame you. As some of you may have guessed, HUB has taken a hiatus. I want to say it is temporary but cannot say for how long. So far it has been a year but I hope to start to bring it back within the next year.

So what happened that made me put HUB on hold? The short answer is that my wife and I moved back to Ontario and bought a house. Needless to say the transition has forced me to let HUB rest for a bit. Anyway, I will soon start making the proper moves and communications in order to get HUB V2 up an running, so please, if I haven’t lost you already, stay tuned.

Jer Thorp Tonight!

Jer Thorp is an artist and educator from Vancouver, Canada. A former geneticist, his digital art practice explores the many-folded boundaries between science and art. Recently, his work has been featured by The New York Times, The Guardian, BusinessWeek and the CBC. Learn more about Jer at

Tuesday, September 15, 2009. 7PM
Room 102, Frederic Lasserre Building,
6333 Memorial Rd.
Vancouver, British Columbia,
Canada V6T 1Z2

HUB is open once again

HUB has re-opened at it’s new location! From September 4-20 HUB will operate out of the Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery on the UBC campus as part of the UBC Master of Fine Arts Graduate Exhibition.

There will be new talks and workshops held during this time as well as a new schedule for the lab’s drop-in hours, so please come out to visit us.

HUB Summer Shutdown

Well, it’s been a great July and August at HUB. The workshops were well attended and a great success. Big thanks goes out to the workshop leaders Claudio Rivera-Seguel, Matt Lockyer and Dennis Rosenfeld. The talks program for August was well attended. Josh Hite and Justine Chambers spoke about their collaborative project Copy two weeks ago¬† and Dennis Rosenfeld spoke this past Thursday about some of his most recent work.

There will be more workshops and talks this September, but first HUB must shut down for a few weeks while it moves house. Starting on September 4, 2009 the HUB:LAB will operate out of the Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery on the UBC Campus.

Thanks again to all the workshop leaders and talk presenters as well as to the Department of Art History, Visual Art & Theory, UBC Robson Square, UBC Arts ISIT, the staff at the Belkin Gallery and to everyone else who has donated some of their time to HUB.

Please be patient through this transition period and we hope to see you in the fall.

HUB:LAB Now Open!

HUB:LAB is now open to the public! Thanks to the gracious donation of space from the Department of Art History, Visual Art and Theory at UBC, HUB:LAB will be in operation from now through to August 2009.

HUB:LAB aims to provide a workspace and access to software and technologies free of charge.

The lab is located in the David Lam Building, at 6326 Agricultural Road, Room 014 (in the basement) on the UBC campus and is open Mondays and Wednesdays from 5PM to 8PM and Saturdays from 10AM to 4PM.

HUB Open House @ UBC MFA Open Studio event

To celebrate the creation of HUB there will be an open house held in conjunction with the UBC MFA Open Studio event April 9, 2009.

HUB is a space dedicated to creative experimentation and exploration of contemporary technology.

Please come out and see what HUB is all about. HUB is located at 6363 Stores Road, Rm 11C, Vancouver, BC in the David Lam Building, at 6326 Agricultural Road, Room 014 (in the basement) on the UBC campus and will be open from 6 to 10 PM.